About Blue Summer Homes

1d80d33b01-yannisBlue Summer Homes is the brainchild of Yannis Panagopoulos MBA, who for nearly 10 years was the soul behind the travel portal www.MyGreece.dk.

Yannis has also served as Country Manager of Denmark for the travel review website www.Zoover.dk and Branch Manager for the company’s Scandinavian Department.

In the last years he has gained extensive experience in the IT brunch by evaluating and delivering technical solutions to Danish companies at Microsoft.

Over the years, he has – both through his work and leisure, traveled all around Greece – both on the mainland and on the islands. On these trips, he found small oases that represent some lesser known parts of Greece.
These sites deserve to be visited and travelers who might have been in Greece many times, deserve to experience the country’s loveliest corners.
Now, Yannis has moved to Athens and has invested all of his experience, knowledge and energy into creating Blue Summer Homes in order to serve the growing market for individual traveling.

Yannis is joined by Christoffer Bjørk Pedersen, world-travelling motorcycCBP smalllist and expert in computers and languages with degrees in history from the universities of Oxford, Uppsala, and Copenhagen.

Christoffer has also worked as social media coordinator and resident IT tech at Maersk Training Brasil in Rio de Janeiro, as a scuba diving instructor in Australia and Spain, and various other jobs throughout his travels.

Christoffer has travelled to 34 countries (and counting) on all inhabited continents, with repeated visits to his favourite places. Travelling is in his blood, and he delights in sharing trips and suggestions with others; he has a knack for immediately finding friends, contacts, and the perfect getaway wherever he ends up.

Within Greece he has become the resident expert on the Peloponnese and Northwest Greece.

Christoffer fell totally in love with Greece shortly after arrival and does not intend to ever leave permanently.  In his first 4 months he travelled 16,000kms within Greece by motorcycle. At first, he asked Greek friends where to go on trips; now the Greeks ask him.