Terms and Conditions

Conditions and Terms
Conditions for the rental of holiday homes and practical information on booking of your holiday accommodation.

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us on info@bluesummerhomes.com.

Ordering and payment
The booking advance payment must be made within 5 days of the receipt of confirmation for the lease, 30% of the total amount. The remaining balance must be paid no later than 60 days prior to the first day of rental. In the case that the remaining amount (70%) is not paid in time, the booking will be automatically canceled and the advance is not reimbursed. Upon payment confirmation, you are in agreement with details and conditions of the lease.

Secure payment
You can choose to pay through your bank with a bank transfer (without charge), or you have the option to pay for your holiday home rental with your credit card. When you pay with a credit card, you always have a guarantee for reimbursement if, for example the company would go bankrupt.

Rental agreement
During the final payment, BLUE SUMMER HOMES will issue and mail you a proof of rental agreement between the tenant and the owner, which must be presented upon arrival at the property. The rental agreement will be received approximately one month before departure. The rental agreement contains information on how you will arrive to the premises along with the mobile phone number of our representative on the spot. If there are errors on the rental agreement, or specific agreements are not included, this must be mentioned upon receipt of the rental agreement.

Cancellations and changes
A signed lease can be terminated until 60 days before arrival date. Only a written cancellation can be accepted. Upon termination until 60 days before rental start, the advanced amount paid will be lost (30% of the price). Upon termination or modification of the lease later than 60 days prior to arrival date, the lease is considered as void and the total rent will be lost.

Late arrival or earlier departure according to what is stated in the rental agreement must be communicated to BLUE SUMMER HOMES. This is not included in the refund policy and there will be not provided any kind of refund. Any changes in travel times must be notified to BLUE SUMMER HOMES.

On arrival
Arrival at the holiday home is usually between the hours 14:00 and 20:00. If you already know that your arrival will be later than agreed, please inform us. Not all holiday homes provide the possibility of arrival after 20.00. Please contact us if you know you are arriving late. In case of sudden delay, it is important that you immediately notify directly the property owner. Departure is normally no later than 10:00, where final cleaning is taking place and the accommodation must be left in the tidy condition you found it.

The landlord will charge a deposit on the spot, paid in cash on arrival (amount on the price list). The deposit is refunded on departure. In the case of damages to the property, the cost of any damage will be subtracted from the deposit. The deposit is the owner’s assurance that the property is left in a clean condition with no damages and possible consumption of electricity, telephone, water or heating are paid before departure.

BLUE SUMMER HOMES can only be considered as an intermediary between the holiday home owner and the tenant and is not financially responsible for disputes that may arise between the parties. In the case of breach of contract from a holiday cottage or error in reservations or similar unforeseen events (eg. Force of nature), BLUE SUMMER HOMES reserves the right to repay the amount paid for the rental property or exchange the rented accommodation with another. If the recommended accommodation is of a higher price, there will be no extra cost to the tenant and the opposite (if the recommended accommodation is of a lower price, the difference will be refunded).

Prices on the BLUE SUMMER HOMES website are not account to changes. When important changes such as changed tax and fees occur, BLUE SUMMER HOMES reserves the right to alter the prices accordingly. This does not give the tenant the right to cancel the lease at any cost.

The tenant is subject to allowance for possible – final cleaning, consumption of gas, telephone, electricity, water, towels and tea towels – please see the price list. The accommodation may charge for certain services such as – Internet, mountain bikes, laundry etc. Swimming pools can be out of use in seasons where swimming is not favored by the weather conditions (bad weather, etc.). There will not be a reduction in the rental price in the cases of temporary breakdowns in electronic equipment, washing machine, internet etc. Nor will this be translated to a reduced rental price.

All prices incl. possibly VAT and other taxes. If you wish to receive a copy of your order confirmation, please send an email to info@bluesummerhomes.com

BLUE SUMMER HOMES cannot be held responsible for accidents of the tenant’s, and does not carry any insurance to cover damage to persons or things during their stay on the premises.

As tenants are in charge of the WHOLE premises, it is your responsibility to contact the landlord and inform about any damages that may occur and the damage must be compensated before departure. Circumstances preventing from exercising the tenants right under the lease agreement due to force majeure (war, strikes, natural disasters, cancellations, etc.) does not released the tenant from payment of the rent.

Pets allowance is more than often included. Please inform BLUE SUMMER HOMES for final permission since a confirmation must be requested and permission must be granted from the holiday home owner. Pets carried without permission could lead to immediate dismissal.

Number of tenants
The holiday home may only be occupied by the agreed number of people (adults + children regardless of age). Any uninformed or unplanned change will mean cancellation of the lease and eviction without refund of rent or other compensation.